A Little Bit About Me…

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I don’t know about you, but at this point in the year I feel like the days fly by. Especially since it is getting darker earlier and earlier in the day. Since so many of you are new followers here on Riley Alexandra, I wanted to dedicate a post for you guys to get to know me and my family a little bit better. Welcome to all of you and thank you so much for following along! It really does mean SO much to me.

One thing that most of my followers don’t know about me is that I lived in NYC during high school to study ballet. I danced at the School of American Ballet that is located at Lincoln Center. I took ballet classes during the day, and I completed my high school education online. This was such a wonderful experience, and I had never dreamed of living in NYC. It was magical!

After high school graduation, I was accepted into BYU and I moved out West. While at BYU I’ve had the opportunity to continue dancing on their ballet company, Theatre Ballet. This was something that was so special to me because I was able to receive a top-notch college education while continuing to pursue my passion.

It was here at BYU that I met Chase, my sweet husband. Believe it or not, he was in my very first class freshman year. We then happened to enroll in 2 other classes that were offered at the exact same time later that year. This was when we started to date. After 7 months of dating, we were engaged and were married a year and a half later. We just knew it was meant to be. πŸ™‚ These photos are from our first date.

We also got engaged in NYC too! Super special.

We have now been married a little over a year and are finishing up our senior year here at BYU. Chase is majoring in exercise science and recently applied to dental schools and I am majoring in psychology and minoring in communications. Please pray for us as we will start to hear back from dental schools later this year! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day.

Last December we became puppy parents and I am a proud #dogmom! πŸ™‚ We have a black Pomeranian named Belle and she is the sweetest thing ever! She is the craziest little ball of 5 pounds.

We are nervous and excited for what the future brings. We have no idea where we will be living next year depending on if we go to dental school or what job comes my way. I love getting to share my daily life and love for fashion with you. Thank you for listening and following along with me. You are what makes Riley Alexandra what it is!

Thanks for stopping by and reading today’s post.



Bringing Fall into the Home…

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was relaxing. Chase and I spent Saturday running errands, but Sunday was so restful and it was wonderful!

I asked you guys what kind of posts you want to see and many of you said that you want to see me incorporate more lifestyle posts into my blog. I was so excited to hear this!

Today is the first of many lifestyle posts to come. I want to share with you how I brought Fall into my home. As you know, Chase and I are finishing up our last year of undergrad here at BYU and we are renting the cutest little house. Unfortunately, with it not being our own there isn’t a lot we can do as far as decorating goes. Although this is the case, there are so many ways that you can still add special components to bring the seasons to life.

You guys have also heard me say how much I love decorating my front porch! This was one of the first thing we did to make it feel a little more like Fall. After Halloween I will remove the jack-o-lanterns and replace them with regular pumpkins. πŸ™‚

Another item that I love changing with the seasons are the pillows on my couch. I find it so inviting to walk into the house and see fun and festive pillows! I got both of these from Homegoods. I feel like I live there, but it is such a great store!

I also love adding fun little additions to our side tables to incorporate Fall. I thought this glass pumpkin was so cute!

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Chase and I have been trying new recipes and have found some new ones we love. One of our new favorites, a homemade mac and cheese! I will share those later. πŸ™‚ With being in the kitchen more often, I wanted to add Fall tea towels and a spoon rest to incorporate Fall into our kitchen. I obviously have a thing for tea towels and couldn’t stop at buying just one. You can find the one I am hanging on our stove here. We keep our tea kettle out throughout each season, but I LOVE the fun print! You can find it here.Β 

While we didn’t do many things to decorate, these simple ways make our house feel festive and ready for the Fall season. I can’t believe that Halloween is this week! YAY! Have so much fun celebrating. Thanks for stopping by!